Ask us for a quote and we will improve the conditions and services that you currently have contracted.
Our experience of more than 20 years, the control of expenses, the management of suppliers, the analysis of all kinds of budgets guarantee us cost savings with our management and administration system.
Cost savings and improvement of guaranteed services, initially we carry out a preliminary audit to determine possible deviations.
The personal data provided will not be transferred and you may exercise the right of access, rectification and cancellation thereof.
Our legal team with more than 25 years of professional practice support us in the defense of the interests and rights of our clients.
We bring extensive experience before the courts of justice, as well as in extrajudicial negotiations, always pursuing the success of the orders received.
Advice on matters pertaining to Private Law and Real Estate Law. Lawsuits against construction companies. Legal defense of housing cooperatives.
Issuance of reports and opinions in those fields related to the community and of a private nature. Ask us, we will try to help you.
Access all the information of your community, minutes, annual accounts, monthly accounting information, supplier contracts, informative circulars, community statutes. As well as all kinds of information related to Maintenance Works, projects and budgets.

Authorized Property Administrators

Professional and transparent administration of all the common services and benefits of your community, with the ultimate goal of increasing the value of your home.

We have a broad experience in rentals and can valuate and  give advise to owners that want to put their properties for rent on the market as well as commercializing their houses. Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you are thinking of renting a property.


If you are thinking of selling your property ir you would to invest in a home, we are real estate specialized in new developments and second hand properties. We have an expertise and professional team with a very broad knowledge of the most demanded products in Marbella, Madrid and Malaga.


We are a multidisciplinary team made up of lawyers, economists and architects, specialized in the management and administration of real estates.

Professional skills

We manage and administrate in exclusive communities, family office and real estate investments.

In order to give the best service to all of our clients we provide them with online access to all the information that they require.