Legal Advisors

Lawyers Experts in legal obligations and contracts of purchase and sale and rentals. Lawyers with more than 25 years in civil law, real estate law, contracting and taxation.


Legal defense in the courts of justice.


We take care of the defense of the interests of our clients, both national and foreign, adapting to their needs and requests.

Request Your Quote

Request a Budget and we will analyze your community through a previous economic audit and contributing our experience and knowledge we will be able to reduce expenses. All this without loss of maintenance or services. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

The requested data will be treated in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 5 December, on the protection of personal data

Access to Condo Information

Access all the information of your community, quotes, accounts, works… in a transparent way you will be able to know the services and contracts of your community, as well as the statement of accounts, accounting closings, bank balances that you will receive monthly in your mail or accessing the website of your community. Simple and Transparent..

Qualified Administrator of Condominium

Comprehensive, professional and transparent administration of all the common services and benefits of your community, with the ultimate goal of increasing the value of your home.


Property Management & Family office

From a multidisciplinary approach, we add value to the properties we manage. As well as the real estate and family assets of our clients, providing seriousness and honesty to our work.


We offer seriousness and trust in all the work commissioned by our clients.


We are a team made up of lawyers, economists, and architects specialized in the management and administration of family properties and real estate assets.

Rentals Office

The Law is complex and leaves in the hands of the parties, important aspects that must be fixed in the contract.
Experience tells us that prior legal advice is essential to close good deals.


An omission or an ambiguous clause can condition your future.
Get an advisory before and request our services.

Legal Advisors

Advice through consultations and interviews, issuance of reports and opinions in all those fields related to Private Law and Real Estate Law.



The legal advice of all types of real estate and urban planning activities is one of our fundamental pillars.

Habilidades Profesionales

Nos dedicamos en exclusiva a la administración y gestión de comunidades de vecinos, facilitando el acceso online a toda la información de su comunidad.

Derecho Civil

Asesoramiento en todas las materias propias del Derecho Privado.

Reclamaciones & Demandas

Arquitectos peritos asociados a nuestro despacho de reconocido prestigio.

Derecho Inmobiliario

Asesoramiento jurídico de todo tipo de actividades inmobiliarias y urbanísticas.